News: Zimmerman Boxing Match Will Continue

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Over the weekend the fight between George Zimmerman and DMX that was supposed to take place was abruptly cancelled when the promoter, Damon Feldman, had a change of heart and was concerned about his kids safety when he started getting death threats. The cancellation didn’t last long because according to reports another promoter has taken on the task of organizing the fight. FilmOn.Com is working on buying the rights from the first promoter to the fight and in addition to hosting it they have also removed DMX as the challenger. They promise to “give people what they want” in the form of “blood” and that there are bigger names, other than DMX, looking to hop in the ring with Zimmerman. The owner of the website said that this isn’t going to be a “celebrity boxing match” but more like a “fight club” event with no rules and no gloves.  The fight is supposed to be held on March 15th with all proceeds going to the Trayvon Martin Foundation. So now it seems the first promoter is having a change of heart AGAIN.  He tweeted saying if he doesn’t do it someone else will and that he has to do what he has to get this money. He said he cancelled the fight during an emotional moment and that the fight is still on. So now it seems he’s negotiating. He posted some pretty cryptic tweets like “big decision tomorrow” and “I’m going to make the decision of a lifetime tomorrow at the press conference did it from the bottom now decision that is very tough”- so it’s obvious he isn’t completely out of the deal yet. Nothing has been signed or confirmed with FilmOn. The press conference will be held at 2PM today.




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