#SayWhatNews: Flappy Bird Creator Pulls Game

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The latest craze in the smart phone world has been the addicting game ‘Flappy Bird.’ If you haven’t downloaded it your not in luck – it’s been pulled from google play and the app store. The game’s developer, Nguyen Ha Dong, announced that he would be taking the app down and that the reason was not legal issue related. Dong was earning an estimated $50K a day with the successful app and when questioned as to why he decided to pull it he said “I can’t take it anymore.” Apparently the media has harassed him and he can’t live a regular life. He sais he had no idea the game would be that popular and didn’t prepare for all the attention he is getting. Rumors have been circulating that Nintendo was planning to sue Dong because of the game’s likeness to Mario Bros but that has not been confirmed.




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