News: The Beyhive Attack Bill O’ Reilley

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Beyonce and Bill O Reilley

Members of Beyonce’s Beyhive have slammed Bill O’Reilly after he made comments about the singer during an interview with Russell Simmons and called the video for her record “Partition” “exploitative garbage.” One fan took to Twitter and said, “Bill O’Reilly is a joke. First off… If you are disgusted by the ‘Parition’ video… AS A MAN… Then…” questioning his sexuality. Another fan said, “Bill O’Reilly is just attacking blacks at every level. Successful black people (that have more money than him) have to be wrong too.” A fan even predicted that the Beyhive was going to go in on O’Reilly. The fan wrote, “Annnd the #BeyHive is gonna have Bill O’Reilly’s mentions in SHAMBLES. If you missed what happened watch it HERE. I wouldn’t mess with the Beyhive man. They will attack you! Lol




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