News: Lil Wayne Jealous Of Tyga?

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Tyga has announced that Kanye West will be producing his next album and Lil Wayne may be a little jealous! Tyga sat down with MTV to talk about the partnership and said

“I met Kanye like six years ago and it’s always been cool…Every time we chopped it up or been around each other it’s always been cool vibin’, and he was just like, ‘yo, man I’ll produce your joint. I’ll produce your joint if you want me to,’ and I was just like hell yeah man, that’s a blessing.”

When Wayne got wind of the news he laughed and said,

“F–k him! Because he didn’t tell me he was doing that…Why he ain’t come executive produce my album, man f–k that n—a!”

Wayne was joking and continued by saying “Nah man, that’s the homie, so you already know what that’s gonna do. Anything ‘Ye touches is gold, [and it’s the] Gold album [but] let’s hope we do more than gold though.”



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