News: Nas Angers The Feminists

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Nas got himself into a little trouble with some tweets. He tweeted, “Feminism- The Women’s Mafia.” Twitter did not take the comment lightly. Some of the heated responses included “@Nas weren’t you the one who called out jay for disrespecting women”, Another said “@Nas Ask your daughter if she enjoys having rights”, @Nas: Feminism – The Woman’s Mafia.” Worry about still not having a Grammy. Lol bye” and “Illmatic was not good. (See? We can all say stupid shit.)” Nas responded to the criticism with, “I don’t have to agree with you to respect you.”  People are to sensitive! I’m sure he didn’t mean it in an offensive way. Some these feminists go hard!

In other Nas news, he appeared at SXSW and performed some songs off his iconic “Illmatic” album. Watch it below.



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