News: TDE Member Puts Delaware Rapper On Blast

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Schoolboy Q is accusing Delaware rapper, Jim Cretes, of stealing some of his bars. Cretes released a new song called ‘Hustle 101’ with a verse on it by Q. The issue is, Cretes apparently didn’t get permission to use the verse. Q angrily took to Twitter saying, “N*ggahz is burnt I didn’t do a song wit dat n*ggah!!!! N*ggahz stealing sessions too thirsty!! Using my two year old verse f outta here…and to all the websites postin dat knowin it’s old I ain’t f****n wit ya’ll nomo don’t ask for a interview from me or da homies it’s ova for u.”  Sounds like its over for some of the blog sites. Cretes apparently came in contact with TDE through some work he did on a video a couple of years back. Cretes claims he had permission to use the verse.  He tweeted, “it’s been in my email for the Hustle 101 project…no theft in me in any way what so ever. That was the business between him and jen. #Honesty.” He went on to at Q and said, “@SchoolboyQ that was business between u and @Streetgoddess and you owe her bread at that. U laid the verse knowing it was gonna be a feat.” Below is the video he worked on and the song. Thoughts?



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