Video: Bill O’Reilly & Russell Simmons Argue Over Beyonce’s Artistry

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While some of us are still fawning over Beyonce‘s visual album Bill O’Reilly and Russell Simmons went at it over the video for “Partition“. O’Reilly called the visuals “exploitative garbage” and said that sex in the back of a limo was being “glorified”. He went on to ask why Bey would do that when unwanted pregnancies and “fractured families” are so prevalent in minority communities. Simmons said that it is an artist’s job to say things that people are inspired by. He didn’t necessarily defend the Queen but did say that music is a “reflection of our reality” and that if we want that reality changed then we have to make changes to the core. Simmons tried to change the subject to meditation in schools but Bill wouldn’t let it go- calling the video “inexplicable”.



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