Music Video: Rico Love- B*****s Be Like

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Rico Love has taken the popular “[Insert Noun Here] Be Like…” memes and created a song and video. His new track “Bitches Be Like” appears on his recently released EP Discrete Luxury. The song seemingly calls out women who live a lifestyle that they actually know nothing about- i.e. flashy, expensive, spotlight. Love had issues getting support for the song with lines like “Bitches be like, ‘Hair done, nails done, but I ain’t got nowhere to stay,'”. He revealed:

I had an issue because there were a few female blog sites where I wanted to premiere the record on because I feel like the song is anti-bitch, pro-women. They didn’t want to put it, they didn’t want to post it…I don’t mind getting a conversation going and starting a dialogue, because I know what I intend to say and I’m not pulling back any punches. I mean what I say…If you got a problem with it, let’s talk about it and figure it out and get to the bottom of this sh–, so we can start seeing a change and seeing a difference.

Check out the clip below and comment your thoughts below.



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