News: Cassidy Says He Gave R. Kelly Weapons To Defend Himself

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Cassidy, R Kelly

Cassidy admits that when R.Kelly got into it with Jay Z during a show at Madison Square Garden a few years back- he gave him some guns. At the Best of Both Worlds show back in 2004, Kelly claims that he was pepper sprayed by someone in Jay Z’s camp (Tata). Given that Kells and Cassidy were doing huge numbers with their ‘Hotel’ hit, Cassidy decided to step in and provide some backup. He said, “R. Kelly got pepper sprayed or maced or something. Then a couple little white later I see R. Kelly coming through, he running through, they trying to guard him but he aint really know what happened. I aint know it was Jay Z and them – all I know is he got maced and I was supposed to go on stage with him and it was f***in up my night. So when his managers came back through it was me and a couple of goons I was with. Them n***as was lookin like they was at a disadvantage so we passed em off a couple burners so they could feel better about themselves.”  Cass claims to have only given Kells 2 of the 4 guns his entourage had and Kells was rushed to a local hospital after. Thank God the guns were not used. That could have gotten ugly.



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