News: Councilman Trying To Postpone Jay Z’s LA Budweiser Made In America 2014

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Shawn Carter,  Jay Z

Sources say that Jay Z has plans to take his successful Made In America Festival to Los Angeles but the city’s area Councilman is trying to put brakes on the event. Mayor Garcetti has approved the 2 day event but councilman Huizar wants a report that outlines, “any permits, actions, public safety concerns, and any necessary cost implications of the proposed.” He wants to make sure that all of the downtown stakeholders of the festival are a part of the planning process from the beginning.Problems reportedly started when the event was green-lighted without any street closures, permits, public safety issues being approved by the councilman’s office first, which is the normal practice.

Huizar’s office issued a statement to LA Weekly, saying,

“This is not about opposing special events or any particular concert, it’s about making sure the affected community, in this case downtown stakeholders, is part of the planning process sooner rather than later. When you’re talking about a proposed event of this magnitude, with 50,000 expected, multiple-day street closures, beer and for-profit ticket sales at a public park, it is imperative that we have an open, inclusive dialogue in ensuring it’s a good fit for the neighborhood and if it is, that concerns are mitigated well in advance.” If the event gets the green light, it will take place at the end of August.

Additionally, no community groups have been formed in support of the event and they don’t want to move forward without known that the neighboring communities are behind it. These stop lights are not a sign that the show will be cancelled but they are the councilman’s way of making sure that all city protocol are followed. Still a little odd that the Philly dates and acts have not been announced. So far this looks like an addition to Made In America but on the west coast. Let’s hope Jay isn’t moving the festival.




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