News: DeSean Jackson Speaks On Gang Affiliations

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DeSean Jackson On Gang Ties

DeSean Jackson sat down with Stephen A. Smith to discuss his release from the Eagles and his alleged gang ties. On his conversation with Chip Kelly when he found out he had been released Jackson said,

“The conversation I had with Chip Kelly was a deep, personal conversation, but at the same time, when he called me, it was basically like, ‘We’re moving forward. I think it’s best for the team; I think it’s best for yourself.’ I was sitting there waiting for a reason why, but that’s basically all I can really say from the conversation.”

He then went on to comment about the article that asserted he was cut from the team for having ties to a gang. He said,

“No, it’s not true. Honestly, where I was raised and where I grew up at, that’s the product of an environment…The things I witnessed, the things I saw on a daily basis, kind of surrounded me around that. Do I know friends that are out there involved? Yes. I try to, you know, stay away from them. I don’t try to intervene and do things of any nature that has anything to do with negative activities, but I’m definitely aware and know certain gang members. But as far as me being affiliated, or me being a gang member, never not have once been. Never had any affiliation of going out and doing things that is against the law. I always felt that I’m a product of my environment, but at the same time, I’m the guy that wants to go out there and do things the right way.”

When asked about the rapper on his label “Theron Shakur” being a part of the crips and being charged with killing a 14 year old in a gang related matter DeSean said,

“I was raised with Theron. We grew up together, we played ball together. He was a top rated athlete. He played baseball, football, basketball. This is a guy I’ve been interacting with since i was a teen – 12 or 13 years old. It was a tough situation to see him go through what he was going threw. For him to spend time in jail and it actually came out that he didn’t do it. That was my boy i knew him.”


Watch the interview below.




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