News: Drake Cracks A Jay Z Joke At Raptors Game

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The verbal sparing between Drake and Jay Z is not over. Drizzy, who is an ambassador for the Toronto Raptors, joined a broadcast for the Raptors vs. Brooklyn Nets game on Saturday. We know that Jay Z used to be part owner of the Nets so Drake took his opportunity to throw slight shade. He said, “Jay Z is somewhere eating a fondue plate…It’s our time. We’ve got to keep it competitive. This is an ironic match-up.” But sorry Drizzy the Nets beat the Raptors 94-87 in game 1 of this series in the playoffs. So far it seems like Drake is up by 2 it seems. First there was the Rolling Stone interview where Drizzy says Jay is wack for all the art references, then Jay called Drake “Misses Drizzy,” then there’s the “all hits no misses, thats for married folks” on Draft Day and now this.



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