News: Lifetime Ban For Clippers Owner Donald Sterling

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Donald Sterling

The NBA has finally decided on how to deal with Clipper’s owner Donald Sterling and his repulsive comments about minorities.As we all know he’s been caught on tape telling his girlfriend he doesn’t want her bringing black people to his games and taking pictures with black people.  This came from his girlfriend taking a picture with Magic Johnson. During a press conference yesterday Adam Silver, the NBA commissioner, announced the verdict. Donald Sterling received the maximum punishment allowed by NBA guidelines- a lifetime ban and a $2.5 million fin. He is not allowed to attend any NBA games or practices, go into a Clippers facility, participate in any league decisions or attend any activities or NBA meetings. The commissioner said that he is doing everything in his power to get the board to force Sterling to sell the team. There are other board members that can vote him out if they get a majority vote.  Reports say there is currently a bidding war to buy the team, even though Donald hasn’t expressed any plans to sell the team. Magic Johnson, David Geffen, Floyd Mayweather even said he’s interested.   If he does sell, he is looking to make somewhere around $575 million. On a more positive note the Clippers beat the Warriors last night 113-103.




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