News: Meek Mill Suing City Of Philadelphia

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Meek Mill

According to reports, Meek Mill is suing his home city for a wrongful arrest back in 2012. Back in October of 2012 Meek was arrested after a show for suspected marijuana possession. The police claimed they smelled weed, but didn’t find any in the car. The police added fuel to Meek’s fire when they started taking pictures of him while he was in custody. He is reportedly suing the city for “civil rights violations, false imprisonment, invasion of privacy and civil conspiracy.” He claims that he lost a substantial amount of money: $22K for a cancelled jet, $39K for a missed appearance and a $1.4 million loss from a deal he planned to make with Puma. Meek says he was forced to settle for less than half the contract amount because of the negative publicity. Get your money Meek! They can’t be stopping you just because and taking pictures on top of that!



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