News: RZA Speaks On Raekwon’s Disagreement With 20th Anniversary Album

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Wu Tang

RZA sat down for an interview to discuss Raekwon’s recent comments about him not appearing on the 20th anniversary Wu Tang album “A Better Tomorrow.” Raekwon has said that the quality of the music is being compromised and that he doesn’t want to be involved in giving his fans sub par material. RZA is also doing press and promoting his new film “Brick Mansions” and has responded and said that the rift between them is like “a rift between brothers” and really boils down to a lack of communication.  Apparently the communication has broken down and they are not calling each other to convey their concerns and thoughts to each other and they are expressing their views via different interviews.

It seems like the real issue here is money.  Certain members of Wu Tang are worth more than others when you think about it because some have had independent success outside of the group.  Apparently (it seems like) Raekwon wants a sum of money for stepping in the booth that Wu Tang Productions can’t sustain. To a smaller degree it seems like there is an issue with the sound of the album. We all know Wu Tang’s sound. It’s hard, rugged, and grimy. There seems to be an issue with working with new producers with new sounds vs producers that can crank out that classic Wu Tang sound.

RZA did say that he is ready to resolve the disagreement,

“We need him there. I want him there. I came up with the idea to do another album to celebrate our 20th year. [Call it] Better Tomorrow because I feel our world needs a better tomorrow. I want to bring that spirit back. To celebrate ourselves. Why wouldn’t you want to celebrate yourselves?”

What are your thoughts? Should Raekwon get his demands or should he just take one for the brotherhood? Should they create an album that sounds like classic Wu Tang or create a product that is reflective of a legendary group with contemporary appeal. Either way hope they can come to a mutual agreement and make this happen for their fans.



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