News: Wu Tang’s ‘Revolutionary’ Deal For 20th Anniversary Album

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Wu Tang And Mahala

Wu Tang Clan has chosen Mahala, a free secure end-to-end shopping app, to power the sales of their upcoming 20th Anniversary Album ‘A Better Tomorrow’. This is the album will be released AFTER the”secret” album titled  The Wu – Once Upon A Time In Shaolin, which the Wu have already announced they will only release 1 copy of – the same album RZA says he’s gotten bids of up to 5 million for. Wu Tang Clan members and fans will be able to purchase and sell content, including ‘A Better Tomorrow,’ through Mahala via a secure and trusted platform. When we explored Mahala, it seems like an app that allows you to scan a products barcode on the internet and instantly buy it using digital currency.

Wu Music Groups COO commented on the partnership saying,

“Partnering with Mahala allows us to check the last box in this process, we already control the content creation and marketing and now we can more fully control the payment and fulfillment… this lets us achieve our 20 year goal, just in time for the release of our 20th Anniversary Album. This is a real revolution in the way we do business… Mahala is going to shake things up in the music industry once the word gets out on what they have for the real artist and entrepreneurs out there. This was the perfect platform for the launch of our 20 year anniversary album.”

Mahala Co-Founder Robert Shoe is also excited about the partnership calling it “revolutionary”. He continued,

“When legends like the Wu are supporting your efforts, and you have the chance to be involved with a truly established and respected brand, on what is sure to be a groundbreaking album and live event series… it’s a big deal around here. The Wu Music Group team has been making amazing things happen for 20 years, we are honored to be part of the Wu Family.”

It has been announced that Raekwon will not be a part of the 20th anniversary album, BUT will be on the “secret” album that will only be produced once.  It’s interesting to see how groups with fan bases similar to Wu Tang have the option of partnering with different mediums to distribute and sell their albums. It’s all a part of the new age and these new rules.  Releasing an album through the traditional label route seems to be phasing out for those established groups who have spent years building a loyal fan base. Beyonce album just popped up on I Tunes one day, The Lox followed suit and just dropped their album, Busta partnered with Google Play to exclusively release Year of The Dragon and of course Jay Z’s legendary deal with Samsung are all examples of the new avenues available to distribute and release music. The options are limitless!






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