News: Dr. Dre Getting New Keys Thanks To Apple Deal

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Compton’s mayor Aja Brown wants to give Dr. Dre the key to his hometown city. Brown has apparently reached out to Dre’s team to offer the “key” as a commemoration for his $3.2 billion deal with Apple. Brown said that she wanted to recognize the “Dre Day” rapper’s “entrepreneurial spirit,” and by giving him the key to the city it would celebrate him as a businessman beyond the music. Seems only right since this kind of deal is monumental and a great representation of the culture. According to sources, Brown also wants Dre to help rejuvenate the city by sponsoring some arts and music programs. Will update you if and when Dre accepts. On another note, Forbes is reporting that with this deal Dre is not set to become and hip hop’s first billionaire because Dre owns 20-25% stake in Beats. With the sale and after taxes, that would leave him with a net worth of $800 million. That’s still a lot of money – haters!



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