News: Drake Lint Rollers Bring In Thousands On Ebay

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drake line

During game 2 of the playoffs in Toronto Drake caught major heat for using a lint roller on his pants while seated courtside. Haters will hate. But instead of getting laughed at in vain, Drizzy capitalized on the joke partnering with Proctor and Gamble for a limited Edition Toronto Raptors/ OVO lint roller. During Game 5 he distributed 1200 black cards to fans who could then trade them in for their dust bunny collectors. The rollers immediately went up on Ebay and raked in some major cash. One of the lint rollers has already been bid on and sold for $55,000! There are others on sale for between $5000 and $20,000. Drake’s cool or whatever but my dollar store lint roller works just fine. Some of us have loans to pay.





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