News: Meek Mill Speaks On Drake’s Praise

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Drake And Meek

A little over a week ago Drake showed Meek Mill a lot of love when he tweeted that the intro to “Dreams and Nightmares” was one of the “best rap moments of our generation.” During a recent interview with Complex, Meek responded to the praise saying, “It felt good to hear Drake show love and respect like that…Me and my homies, we always thought that about the intro…It ain’t take Drake to say it, Drake just put an extra stamp on it…That’s the homie and that’s how he must have felt, he just woke up and tweeted that. I always say most of the time in interviews Drake like the hottest, the biggest artist of our generation. I was smiling when I seen [the Tweet].” During the same talk Meek also revealed that he is working on about 20 monster records with DJ Khaled. Meek actually said that we wanted Khaled’s new song “They Don’t Love You No More” for his album, but as you can see that didn’t happen.



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