News: Rappers With Most Drugs References

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alicie in wonderland

Last week a graph was released of the artists who have the most extensive vocabulary. Pretty interesting study. Now Project Know is taking a crack at the artists who use the most drug references. Most of these artists have been in and out of rehab centers like Garden Heights Rehab Jersey City, and some have even lost all their money due to their this addiction. The lyrics were broken down using The drug categories are broken down into weed, cocaine, pharmaceutical drugs (prescription drugs), codeine (sizzurp, promethazine, lean, etc), and MDMA (ecstacy and molly). Lil B is #1 in three of these categories. The Roots are #3 in the weed category. G UNit is #3 in the cocaine category. Eminem is #1 in the pharmaceutical drugs area. Lil Wayne is #3 in that same category and Joe Budden is #4. In the codeine category ASAP Rocky came in #4 and Papoose #5. In MDMA category MMG’s Fat Trel is in #2, Lil Wayne is #3, Rich Homie Quan and #5 is Lupe Fiasco, which is surprising. Check out the lists below.






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