News: T.I. Sets Ambitious Goals For This Year

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T.I will be a very busy man over the next year. He has been putting together his upcoming album ‘Paperwork’ for a while now and just revealed that this will be the first installment in an album trilogy series. During an interview with Big Tigger he said, “Me, Pharrell, Columbia, Hustle Gang, what we’re trying to do now is make the album a trilogy, but to be released in a 12 month period…3 albums in 12 months, and a movie to finalize it. In 12 months the film should be shot, and we should be presenting it.” He explained that Paperwork was going to be a 3 part album with 7 parts per song but that he later decided to make it 3 separate albums with about 13 tracks per project. We can expect ‘Paperwork’ some time towards the end of the summer.



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