#SayWhatNews Mark Cuban Admits He’s Prejudice

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Mark Cuban

Billionaire Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban, sat down for a candid interview where he spoke about different topics including Donald Sterling and his own prejudices.  Cuban openly admitted that he has prejudiced beliefs. He said, “I know I’m prejudiced and I know I’m bigoted in a lot of different ways…There’s a part of me that always takes into account race, gender and age…” he said, adding that he tries to catch his prejudices.  If I see a black kid in a hoodie and it’s late at night, I’m walking to the other side of the street. And if on that side of the street, there’s a guy that has tattoos all over his face–white guy, bald head, tattoos everywhere–I’m walking back to the other side of the street.” After the statement went public Cuban tweeted an apology to Trayvon Martin’s parents for the seemingly tasteless “black kid in a hoodie” late at night example. He tweeted, “In hindsight I should have used different examples. I didn’t consider the Trayvon Martin family, and I apologize to them for that.” He continued his admission of prejudice by saying that we all have our prejudices and that it is our job to control them and solve them. He brings up a good point. Is this the way we should deal with racist thoughts? Be honest about it & try to solve it or force people to shut up & punish if they speak? In a world of twitter/facebook is punishing people for speaking their racist thoughts really a solution?? It’s not changing their opinion.  On the other hand my mom always said if you don’t have anything to say don’t say it at all. Just some food for thought.


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