LMAO: Kentucky Fried Necklaces For Sale

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First the prom corsage and now jewelry. According to new reports KFC has teamed up with a jeweler to create necklaces made out of chicken bones. Meg Carroll of Meg C Jewelry and the colonel will be selling the necklaces of chicken wing bones dipped in 14 karat gold starting today at 10AM. There will only be 20 sold to begin with. This greasy idea came to life when Meg and her boyfriend downed 25 chicken wings the had the epiphany to create neckwear. They cleaned the bones then painted them, dipped them in copper and then gold. A KFC rep wrote, “Like Willy Wonka’s Everlasting Gobstopper we’ve figured out a way to make it possible to savor a single piece of Kentucky Fried Chicken forever=…For-ever and ever. We all win.” The pieces (see what I did there) will run customers between $130 and $160.



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