News: Cop Accuses Meek Mill Of Ruining His Sex Life

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When Meek Mill was arrested for weed possession back in 2012 (we know no weed was found), then Meek sued the Philly Police Department (and lost) for violating his civil rights. We thought that was the end of it and no one thought that the arresting cop would be suing the rapper for “sex life damages.” The former Philly officer says that Mill talked badly about him in interviews- defamed him- and that’s making it impossible for him to find a new job. He was released from the force for unrelated charges but says that the bad press in the media has negatively affected his life. Most specifically this officer says the incident “had a strong affect on my life and relationship performance with my fiancée. ”  He says the stress has affected his sex life. Common?? Really? The officer is allegedly suing Meek for $750,000 in damages claiming that he hasn’t worked in more than a year. To be clear this guy was fired for being a dirty cop and lying on cases completely unrelated to this Meek Mill situation. Hope the judge sees through this BS and tells his guy to go that way.



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