News: Kevin Hart Changing “Black Movie” Perceptions And Donates To School

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Kevin Hart has been promoting Think Like A Man Too and I just wanna shout him out right now and he makes his rounds he has been talking about erasing the term “black movie.” He’s been talking about how the movie studios have been reluctant in the past to support movies with black casts because they don’t think they are profitable. He speaks on the label of “black movie” and those labeled that, which have all black actors, have in the past been limited releases and not picked up by major studios.  Kevin says he’s trying to change that perception. I love that. He posted on instagram,

My relationship with @tstory88 @willpowerpacker has grown so much over the years. You’re looking at 3 MEN who have made 3 MOVIES that have all been #1 at the BOX OFFICE and we now total over 100MILLION DOLLARS in opening weekends alone!!!! It’s our goal to erase the title of “BLACK MOVIE” & have our MOVIES looked at as good broad universal movies the same way all of the other movies are!!!! This is GROUND BREAKING SHIT PEOPLE!!!!

Kevin has also pledged to send $50,000 to HBCU Texas Southern University. The money is to go to the band.



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