News: Lost 2 Pac Phone Conversation Reveals Who Really Shot Him

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2 pac

A long lost 2 Pac phone conversation has surfaced that reveals somethings we knew about Pac and some things we did not.  I’m a fan of 2 Pac because he was such a versatile guy. He was a gangsta, a gentleman, a revolutionary, a son, a rapper, an actor, and a whole lot more. From this conversation its clear Pac loved and wanted to give back to his community.  He talked about his plans for community centers, children’s sporting events, registering voters and even a plan in the works to ask drug dealers to have the streets clean from 6 AM to 11 PM “for the kids” in exchange for the police to lay off the streets and let them do their t hing at night. He also revealed that Maya Angelou offered to write a book on his life, but the biggest revelation during the conversation was when he said, “The girl that did this rape (Ish), she hooked up with the ni**as that shot me. It was all connected; it was a big plan. I just caught it at the end, and that’s why they shot me.” A woman accused 2 Pac and his friends of raping her and the day before the not guilty verdict came down he was shot at the Quad Recording Studio in New York.  In the past we always thought Pac thought Biggie sent people to shot him and that’s what started the whole east vs west coast beef.  As we know hip hop legend has various rumors for who shot 2 Pac. Some say Biggie ordered the hit because after this situation he put out “Who Shot Ya” and also Pac was in the studio with Biggie the night the shooting happened. Others say that Diddy ordered the shooting, but Puff has always denied that. Some say 2 Pac’s own friend Suge Knight ordered the hit. This audio shows that Pac knew Biggie didn’t shoot him. Wonder why he let that beef go so far then. Questions we will never know! Listen to the phone call below.



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