#SayWhatNews Driver In Tracy Morgan Crash Pleads Not Guilty – Defends Himself On Twitter

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Kevin Roper, the man driving the truck that caused the accident that critically injured Tracy Morgan and killed his friend, appeared in court to face the vehicular homicide and assault by auto charges pending against him. After being released on $50,000 bail he took to Twitter to say he’s innocent. The tweets read,

“First off my prayers go out to all the families that were affected”, “my prayers to the man that passed away during the accident (Mr McNair) i wish it was me and i can’t express how horrible i feel”,  “As for the accident i have some things to get off my chest that the media and police have neglected to report. First off i never said i was awake for 24 hours, not once did i say that to any law enforcement or media person. These are lies being spread because they are pressured to make an arrest as this accident was being covered ‘NATIONALLY’ because a famous person was involved”, “Once again the accident was horrific and we lost a precious life, but please remember i was not drunk, high, (I was tested and passed) under any influence of any drug or alcohol, i had an ‘ACCIDENT’ which unfortunately occurred with a lot of media spotlight.”

He went on to say if the accident wasn’t with a famous person he would have simply gotten a ticket. According to a personal injury attorney in Philadelphia they are treating this like a crime, instead of an accident is what this guy is saying. The twitter account has since been made private. If convicted on all charges he could face a maximum of 16 years in prison. He has pled ‘not guilty’ to all counts. They have to prove he was negligent in order for this to be a criminal case.



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