#SayWhatNews You Tube Getting Rid Of Independent Artist Music

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YouTube is starting a new music services and will remove music videos by any independent artist because the independent labels which they belong to have refused to agree terms with Youtube and Google. Google, which owns Youtube, has been renegotiating contracts as the site prepares to launch this service rumored to be called You Tube Music Pass. They claim it will bring a new revenue stream to the music industry, but independent labels and artists are already speaking out against it. They claim the deals they are being forced to sign are unfair. The three major record labels – Universal, Sony and Warner – have all agreed terms with the site, but smaller independents are holding out.

Reports state that the service will allow you to skip ads for a fee and you will be able to download music from the service. The Worldwide Independent Network, or WIN, say that YouTube is approaching independent labels with a template, non-negotiable licensing contract. These terms come with a threat: Sign the licensing contract, or have your videos removed from the entire platform. This seems a little odd since you tubes whole model is “Broadcast Yourself” and most of the independent artists are getting their start from you tube. Independent artists better start uploading now before they can’t anymore.



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