#SayWhatNews Justin Bieber Recorded Telling Racist Jokes & Using The ‘N-Word’

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Justin Bieber is back in the news for more ratchetry. This time TMZ released a video of the pop star telling racially insensitive jokes and repeatedly suing the ‘n-word’. In the clip Justin can be heard saying “Why are Black people afraid of chainsaws?”. A friend in the background urged him not to finish the joke but he delivered the tacky punchline “Run n—- n—- n—-” complete with chainsaw noises. TMZ says that they have had the video for 4 years but didn’t release it because he was only 15 at the time. It was reportedly recorded during the development of his ‘Never Say Never’ documentary. His team allegedly tried to buy the tape for an undisclosed amount but obviously they were unsuccessful. Sources close to the train wreck say that he plans to publicly address the video “soon”.



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