News: A Book About Eminem’s Career & Impact Is Coming

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Eminem has been breaking records lately and to applaud his extensive success, there will be a book written about him. The book will take a deep dive into Em’s career, his music, race, his impact on hip hop and more. The collection of essays will be curated by Scott Parker and include a forward by Talib Kweli. The “About” section of the book reads:

Eminem is the best-selling musical artist of the 21st century. He is also one of the most contentious and most complex artists of our time. His verbal dexterity ranks him among the greatest technical rappers ever. The content of his songs combines the grotesque and the comical with the sincere and the profound, all told through the sophisticated layering of multiple personae. However one finally assesses his contribution to popular culture, there’s no denying his central place in it. This collection of essays gives his work the critical attention it has long deserved. Drawing from history, philosophy, sociology, musicology, and other fields, the writers gathered here consider Eminem’s place in Hip Hop, the intellectual underpinnings of his work, and the roles of race, gender and privilege in his career, among various other topics. This original treatment will be appreciated by Eminem fans and cultural scholars alike.

“Eminem and Rap, Poetry, Race” Essays will be available for purchase on November 30th but can be pre ordered via Amazon now.

It doesn’t appear that Eminem has any involvement in Parker’s book.




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