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Marijuana App

Need trees? There’s an app for that. Two students from the University of Washington have developed an app that connects medical marijuana patients to their pot and has it delivered to their door. The app is called Canary and is described as an “Uber for marijuana”. Right now the 24/7 service app will be offered in Seattle with plans to expand to Denver and California this month. Users will have to provide proof in the form of their medical marijuana card before signing up and also upon the product’s delivery. Patients will have to pay a 10-15% upcharge as a delivery fee but the apps creators are discussing flat fee rates and dispensary fees instead. Speaking of weed. It is official. Today is the first day people can buy legalized recreational marijuana in Washington State becoming the second state to do so. Obviously Colorado is the first. This legal market will go live in Washington State where the sale of weed was legalized over a year and a half ago. The state received more than 7,000 applications for weed-selling licenses but only 24 had been issued as of yesterday- it’s understandably talking a while to go through them. Cannabis City is one of the few stores in Seattle that will be ready to open its doors today. They expect a shipment of 2,265 two-gram bags that will go for about $54 each but it won’t be nearly enough for the 5,000+ customers they expect at their doors. The manager of Cannabis City said, “It’s definitely exciting but also a little scary just having that much responsibility. All eyes are on us right now because we’re the first.” Other stores are expected to open up later this summer.



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