Watch: On The Run Tour Comes To Philly

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Last night the Carters made the Philadelphia stop of their ‘On The Run’ Tour. Anyone that knows me knows that I am the number one Beyhiver out there. If you’re like me and you’re used to 2 full hours of Bey slaying the stage in 4 inch heels while killing choreo and singing flawlessly this MIGHT not be the show for you. Jay and Bey opened the show with several of their classic collabs like “Bonnie & Clyde” and “Crazy In Love”. The remainder of the show included Bey and Jay taking turns performing their hits with a few duets sprinkled in. I felt like a lot more emphasis was put on Jay Z’s sets. He would perform what seemed like 2 full songs for every one verse Beyonce did.

What I LOVED about the show was the #ThisIsNotRealLife #ThisIsRealLife clarification. There has been so much speculation surrounding the Jigga-Solange scrapple and Beyonce’s changing of words in songs. The media has thrown around rumors of infidelity and instability in the Carter household. They addressed these rumors by opening the show with the hashtag “This Is Not Real Life”. That line explained all of the “tension” in their relationship. At the end of the show when they played the wedding footage and home-videos of themselves with Blue Ivy they ended it with “This Is Real Life”. It just made it clear that their portrayals in music and onstage are just that- for stage. Everything that they portray in their music is not indicative of what’s going on in their lives, contrary to what the media would have you believe.

All of that aside, below are a couple of videos from the show for your viewing enjoyment. (Pardon the fandom in the background.)

Drunk In Love

Why Don’t You Love Me

Holy Grail

99 Problems


On The Run (Pt II)

Forever Young



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