News: The Game & TI Album Sales/ Projections Are In

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Sales numbers are in for Game and Blood Money’s compilation album ‘Year of the Wolf’ and projections are in for TI’s ‘Paperwork’. ‘Year of the Wolf’ came in at number 7 on the charts with 33K units sold to date. They outsold first week projections which predicted that they would move between 27 and 30K. While it debuted at number 7 on the Billboard album charts it took the number 1 spot on the R&B/hip hop charts. T.I’s album dropped this week and is slated to snatch the number one spot from Game. First week projections put ‘Paperwork’ between 65 and 70K copies sold in its first seven days. Whiles this far exceeds Game it is a drastic drop from last year’s ‘Trouble Man’ which sold 179,000 copies opening week.



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