News: Beck Responds To Kanye’s Coming On Grammy Stage

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The world thought we were going to get a Kanye-Taylor Swift part two when Beck won “Best Album” during the Grammys. Kanye briefly walked on to the stage then walked off. It turned out to be a joke, however after the show he said that The Garmmy’s needs to “respect artistry” and that Beck should give his award to Beyonce. Beck who writes, records and produces all of his own music definitely respects the art and made it clear in his response statement. Beck explained that he was excited for Kanye to be on the stage saying he deserves to be there. He went on to say that he thought Beyonce was going to win, thinks Kanye is a genius and aspires to do what he does. Class act that guy Beck. Check out the full exchange with US below,


“I was just so excited he was coming up. He deserves to be on stage as much as anybody,” Beck said when asked how he felt about West crashing the stage. “How many great records has he put out in the last five years right?”

Even though he said Beyonce should have won? “Absolutely,” replied the humble musician. “I thought she was going to win. Come on, she’s Beyonce!”

And what about his diss that Beyonce is true artistry, and you’re not? “You can’t please everybody, man,” he replied. “I still love him and think he’s genius. I aspire to do what he does.”



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