News: Justin Timberlake To Receive IHeartRadio’s ‘Innovator Award’

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Soon-to-be dad Justin TImberlake will be honored for his contributions to the music and entertainment worlds at this year’s IHearRadio Music Awards. He is slated to receive the ‘Innovator Award’ which goes to individuals who have “unparalleled positions” in the industry. IHeartRadio’s President of National Programming Platforms said

Justin is one of the most dynamic artists of our lifetime, a visionary whose influence on pop culture starts with brilliant music and stretches well beyond…I’m amazed how he regularly breaks barriers that continue to shape and define music trends. We’re thrilled to recognize him amongst his peers—who also proudly call themselves his fans.

In addition to his award the show will also feature performances from Rihanna, Sam Smith, Snoop Dogg, Jaime Foxx, Jennifer Hudson and many more. Timberlake took to Twitter to share his excitement

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