News: Lil Wayne’s Daughter Comes For Young Thug

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Young Thug has announced that he plans to continue Lil Wayne’s Carter legacy by releasing his own album called ‘Carter 6’. Weezy’s daughter Reginae was not too pleased with this news. She took to Twitter to express herself with, “Is he trying to be funny with this Carter6 ? Cause it’s pretty childish to me ! #myopinion”, “Try again if you’re event trying to get on my father’s level” and “Listen . I usually stay in a child’s place but that’s my father and I’ll stick up for him no matter what ! It was not to be disrespectful.” She added that she doesn’t regret what she said and would say it again if she had to. Neither Young Thug nor Wayne have responded to the 16 year old’s sentiments.

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