Watch: Plies Gets Body Slammed Off Stage

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When thinking of a Plies concert we’re sure no one thinks of the classiest affair but you probably don’t also think WWE event either. During an appearance at a club last night in Florida things got a little out of hand when Plies seemingly tried the wrong fan. The rapper inquired about a man who was being thrown out of the club and asked security to bring him on stage. Plies started talking a little to much smack for the man’s liking and was ultimately body slammed off the stage. Security took their time to react but the irate fan was eventually subdued.

The fan-turned WWE star explained to Instagram that he was simply trying to shake Plies’ hands when security tried to remove him from the venue. Plies called him back to the stage but then started talking a little to recklessly. He explained that Plies is one of his “top 5 favorite artists” but he doesn’t care who you are or how many records you have if you talk crazy, you’ll be dealt with.

Check out raw footage and the fan’s response on Instagram below.



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