#SayWhatNews Lil B Curses James Harden Courtside

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The internet had a field day yesterday after the Warriors beat the Rockets to go to this years NBA Finals. James Harden played horribly and had 13 turn overs! He broke the record for most turnovers in a playoff game. Why you ask? Wasn’t he a MVP runner up? Well he’s been cursed by rapper Lil B for doing that cooking in the pot/flick of the wrist dance. Lil B claims to have made the dance up and because James Harden didn’t credit him as the creator of the dance he placed a curse on him. Lil B was even court-side yesterday and by the way Harden played last night I’m starting to think Lil B really does voodoo. After the loss Lil B tweeted, “I’m going to ask ‘The Based God’ to lift the curse off James harden i think he gets it, world record for turnovers ? Leave him alone.” Stef Curry and the Warriors will face Lebrick and the Cavs in the NBA Finals June 4th at 9p. Meanwhile Lebron and his team members spend time in the hot tub together. The Cavs better give LIl B his props before he curses them too!



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