New Artist Music: Joie Kathos – Floaters EP

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Joie Kathos is an artist from Philadelphia that just released her highly anticipated Floaters EP. Joie opens the album with a candid explanation of the project title. She calmly shares that last year during a visit with her eye doctor, Joie was told she has thin retinas, and if she began to see floaters, she may be going blind. “This album is about having a vision. Not having vision, but having a vision,” Joie states in the intro.

Joie admits to facing many obstacles in 2014, but she has managed to manifest her emotions and thoughts from those hardships in Floaters. It’s ironic that she spits a line referencing her similarities to Kanye on ‘No Streets Peace’ because ‘Ye once said, “Great art comes from pain.”

Joie uses this 9-track body of work to address everything from her family’s sacrifices, violence, poverty, oppression, and sexuality, all while remaining hopeful and reminding listeners of the power they have within to make change. The only feature on the album is songstress, Jacqueline Constance who appears on ‘Win Or Lose.’ Joie makes it clear that this is her show, as she also receives production credit for a majority of the tracks. Floaters‘ ambiance is purposely otherworldly, as Joie is the sole pilot guiding us through her space, expressing her story through a variety of sounds.

With the release of the EP, Joie also treated us to the official music video for stand-out, Outlaw-produced track, ‘Faded.’ The cinematic visual is quite captivating, as it sheds light on the interconnectivity of social injustice, racism and the cycle it creates through anger. In the video, two men hold up a convenient store and we watch the madness that follows. The title, ‘Faded’ is not only in correlation to Joie’s eyesight, but the many aspects of Black culture, for that matter, the image of our people that has literally begun to disappear whether it be due to appropriation, our representation in the media or the countless deaths of innocent Black lives.

Without question, Joie’s honesty throughout Floaters is commendable. With an unparalleled wisdom, Joie can never truly lose her vision, but only use her third eye to develop her focus and move a step closer to her dreams. Stream the album below and make sure you follow Joie Kathos on Twitter! Express yourself, and stay woke.



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