Mina SayWhat On The Rachael Ray Show

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Mina SayWhat on Rachael Ray

Mina SayWhat was on the Rachael Ray Show along with Dr. Ian, celebrity health physician, to talk about his new book the Shred Power Cleanse. Mina, along with 2 other radio personalities – Yolanda Adams and Patty Steele Of WCBS NY – were on the cleanse for 2 weeks. The cleanse consisted of strictly fruits, veggies and nuts and eliminated meat, diary and carbs. The three appeared on Rachael Ray along with Dr. Ian to speak about the positive effects the cleanse had on their health and how it improved their energy and productivity. The episode aired on December 22nd on the Rachael Ray Show on ABC nationwide. Check out pictures and some video below.


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Backstage at the @rachaelrayshow with some amazing morning radio women @yolandaadams @patty_steele and @doctoriansmith @davey013 #shredpowercleanse

A video posted by Mina SayWhat (@minasaywhat) on

Talking to @doctoriansmith now about me being on his #shredpowercleanse and being on @rachaelrayshow on December 22nd @power99philly A photo posted by Mina SayWhat (@minasaywhat) on

Even at a @philadelphia76ers game I stuck to my cleanse #shredpowercleanse @doctoriansmith @rachaelrayshow #detox #fruitsandveggies #Day9 A video posted by Mina SayWhat (@minasaywhat) on

Mom’s eating a tamale in front on me.. ugh 😣 #Day5 of my cleanse.. I have a pinnaple, melon, kale, spinach, yogurt shake #shredpowercleanse @doctoriansmith @rachaelrayshow #detox #cleanse #madcarbs #mymomisclearlyspanish

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I was at the no meat/carbs table but i got in a #hallelujah 😂 By @alexholleytv “When that food comes out imma be like…. you better SANG @jameswrightchanel ! 🙌🏽#ThanksgivingwithBlackFamilies #Thanksgiving” A video posted by Mina SayWhat (@minasaywhat) on

My #thanksgivingeve meal.. #day3 of the #shredpowercleanse still eating grass but today was easier and I feel amazing! Can’t wait to see you guys @rachaelrayshow @doctoriansmith #cleanse #detox #salad #nomeat #nocarbs #fruitsandveggies

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#Day1 on @doctoriansmith #shredpowercleanse and today was the @iheartradio potluck 😳 I stayed strong 💪 @rachaelrayshow 😎 #detox #fruitsandveggies A video posted by Mina SayWhat (@minasaywhat) on

At the grocery store getting everything I need for my @doctoriansmith #shredpowercleanse ! In 2 weeks I’ll be on @RachaelRayShow talking about my experience! 😜

A video posted by Mina SayWhat (@minasaywhat) on

Starting my #shredpowercleanse tomorrow for 2 weeks! Trying to get the bad food out of the way @doctoriansmith ! Lol! @RachaelRayShow A video posted by Mina SayWhat (@minasaywhat) on



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