New Artist Music: Malcolm Spaulding- Stuck

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It’s the new year and that means that we’ve got a fresh start for up and coming artists to make their marks on the music world. One of the artists we foresee great things for goes by the name Malcolm Spaulding and his brand new single Stuck is definitely making waves.

Malcolm is a singer/ songwriter/ musician out of Queens, New York who has has a long musical background- starting early on as a kid singing in church. His smooth sound is inspired by genres like R&B, soul and gospel but he doesn’t confine himself to one box sonically which allows his music to be influenced by what he’s feeling or writing at the time. Adding to his vocal talent are his undeniable writing skills. Malcolm admires veteran writers like James Fauntleroy and John Mayer who he says have the ability to really make you feel a song- which is one of his goals as an artist.

Stuck is a track that we can all feel as it discusses the roller coaster ride we inevitably take when dealing with the many vices of life whether they be food, alcohol, an ex, a drug- the list goes on. When writing this song, Malcolm was battling a few vices of his own which really inspired the emotional and truly relatably feel of the cut:

Anything can be a vice. The brain is funny like that. We can become addicted to anything, especially psychologically…It really felt like I was in this revolving door where one side had freedom from said vice, but other side had the happiness of indulgence. So Stuck is the sonic representation of me going back and forth in my mind about loving and indulging in things/people that ultimately are no good for me.

Malcolm’s ambition is to create music that is authentic and real, especially in today’s environment where a lot of music seems to lack substance. He’s doing a great job of this so far. Spaulding is currently working on more music and is slated to release a complete album later this year. You can keep up with him on social media @MalcolmSings.

Take a listen to Stuck and let us know what you think below!



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