News: Troy Ave Arrested For Attempted Murder After Concert Shooting – Maino Denies Having Issues With Him

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Troy Ave Shooting

On Wednesday night gunshots broke out backstage at a T.I. concert at Irving Plaza in New York. According to the video of the VIP area where the gun shots rang off, Troy Ave is seen running into the room full of people already crouching down (as if shoots had already rang off) and Troy is seen firing multiple shots into the room. He has been charged with attempted murder and criminal possession of a weapon and reckless engagement.

His bodyguard, Ronald McPhatter, is now dead as a result. No word of if Troy Ave shot him. Two others were shot, another man in the chest, and a woman in the leg. News outlets are stating Troy shot himself in the leg by mistake as well, but is fine. He could also face a murder charge following a ballistics test.

Sources were saying that there was beef between Maino and Troy before the shooting that led to the shooting but Maino is vehemently denying that. Sources say he was on stage when the shooting happened and Maino said on instagram,


He said for the past 5 years they have had a great relationship and have had several talks about life and have even worked together. He said he was not involved and wants nothing but peace and unity. He wants the “irresponsible members of the media” that are spreading this rumor to stop. T.I. also posted on instagram stating

“My heart is heavy today. Our music is intended to save lives, like it has mine and many others. My heartfelt condolensences to the family that suffered the loss and my prayers to all those injured.”

Regardless of the events that led to this outcome, it is a shame that Troy Ave, a young man with all the opportunities in the world to have a great music career, may have thrown it all away with this decision. At some point you have to leave certain things behind when your trying to get to the next level. It is clear he has not removed himself from that life. A man is now dead and as a result of his actions (regardless of the reasons) he may become another statistic.

In response to this, ignorant people are already viewing the culture in a negative light because of what transpired at Irving Plaza. NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton stating in an interview, “The crazy world of the so-called rap artist, who are basically thugs that are basically celebrating the violence they lived all their lives. Unfortunately that violence often manifests itself during a performance, and that’s exactly what happened last evening.”

He added, “The music unfortunately often times celebrates violence, celebrates degradation of women, celebrates the drug culture…. It’s unfortunate — you’d like think with all the wealth and fame that they’d turn their lives around, but they continue hanging out with the same people they hung out with when they come out of that life of desperation, poverty and crime.”

While this is not a reflection of what goes on all rap concerts, ignorant people take this one incident and classify and judge the whole culture and the people in it as a result. This does not make us look good!



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