News: WNBA Rescind Their Fines Against Players

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Last week the WNBA issued fines against several players for protesting via wearing t-shirts in support of citizens and police involved in the recent shootings across the country. After major backlash, the WNBA has rescinded the $5,000 fines for the teams and the $500 fines for the players for altering their uniform. The league’s president, Lisa Borders, issued a statement on Sunday saying that the WNBA is planning to work with players to make sure that their views are known. Borders also tweeted her support saying that she appreciates the ‘players expressing themselves on matters important to them’. The WNBA Players Association issued a statement confirming that they are glad the fines have been rescinded and look forward to ‘constructive dialogue’ with the league. This came after major backlash for fining the ladies for expressing themselves and similarly men in the NBA not being fined for doing the same thing.



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