News: Beanie Sigel Blasts Meek Mill in 30 Minute Rant

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Yesterday Beanie Sigel stopped by popular podcast Tax Season, to ‘get some things off of his chest’. He went on a thirty-minute rant about Meek Mill starting off with questioning his motives for starting beef with Drake last summer. He stated that the beef came from nowhere and he should have kept his mouth shut. Sigel said Drake is not from the streets so he doesn’t need to follow the same code Meek goes by. He said Drake not writing his own lyrics doesn’t take money out of Meeks pockets so he didn’t understand why he started a problem with him by exposing he didn’t write his own lyrics.  Sigel suggested that Meek could be mad that Nicki Minaj and Drake may have had sex together. Sigel also talked about how Meek has tarnished his reputation in Philadelphia. He said that there was a time when Philly was rooting for him and now that his foolishness ‘is becoming transparent’, the whole city hates him. Sigel continues to say he wrote lyrics for Meek Mill’s The Game diss. Check out the full interview below starting around the 24 minute mark.



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