Interviews: Amber Rose And Mina SayWhat Talk Home Security Breach

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While they were at The Pool After Dark in Harrah’s AC, Power 99‘s Mina SayWhat caught up with Amber Rose to talk about a variety of things including the recent security breach at her home, getting sponsors for her slut walk and her son, Sebastian’s, love of singing! When asked about her security and the man that “broke” into her home Amber said,

I always did feel safe. i see a lot of people saying like why didn’t she have an alarm system or why didn’t she hear the window break. It’s because it did not happen the way TMZ reported.. other people reported. My mom was cooking in the kitchen and she cracked window about 2 inches and it’s the windows that come out. It wasn’t a lift up window. And when we put on the alarm system that didn’t recognize the window because it was already cracked. So all he did was pry it open. He basically hit the jackpot that night because usually everything is really really more secure. So I’m not really worried. I do have a lot of security at my house right now but i don’t mind. It’s all good. It actually just makes me feel more safer.

She also talks about having people stalk her. Watch it below.




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