Watch: Cardi B Sets The Record Straight On NYPD Chokehold

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Cardi B is setting the record straight on what happened the night an NYPD officer put her in a chokehold. A couple of weeks ago she tweeted about the incident but hasn’t said anything else about it until now. During a recent interview she said that she got into an altercation with a male motorist because he hit her side mirror while stuck in traffic.  Her cousin then stepped out of her car and was squaring up and ready to fight when the officer came and  put her “in a chokehold like a chicken wing.” She said that the NYPD keeps trying to contact her and her family for a statement but she won’t talk to them because she doesn’t believe they will do anything about it.  Cardi claims she was upset that the department released a statement stating that they found no evidence, like the encounter never happened. Watch her full explanation below.



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