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News: Fans Question Meek Mill’s Prison Sentence

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Yesterday Meek Mill appeared before a judge to be sentenced for probation violations. The judge ordered him to serve 2-4 years for an airport fight and a reckless driving charge. The airport fight was initiated by a St. Louis airport employee who wanted a picture and became irate when Meek refused. The reckless driving charge was a result of Meek shooting a music video where he was popping wheelies, which he received a permit for. The police saw the video on social media and arrested him a day after. Many of his fans took to social media angry and saying that the crime doesn’t fit the time. Many called out the fact that he’s going to jail for at least two years for ‘popping wheelies’ while officers kill people every day and walk free. Before being sentenced Meek pleaded with the judge for 40 minutes for mercy saying that his counts of violation were “mistakes”, not disrespect and that he’s “human, not perfect.” Judge Genece Brinkley, who has been dealing with this case since Meek was 18 after he was convicted for possession of a firearm, said she has given Meek plenty of opportunities and he keeps violating his probation. “I gave you break after break, and you basically just thumbed your nose at this court.” Meek was immediately taken into custody immediately after the ruling. Some people don’t believe the time matches the crime, however others are saying any interaction with the police constitutes a violation.



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