News: Nicki Minaj Clears Up ‘Motor Sport’ Rumors

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Earlier this week rumors started swirling about how Migos’ ‘Motor Sport’ came to be. The internets speculated that Nicki Minaj didn’t know Cardi B was going to be on the song and that she was surprised when she heard it. Yesterday Nicki took to Twitter to dead all of the rumors. She said the song was originally just her and Quavo. She said Quavo called and asked if they should put Cardi on it and Nicki signed off. Nicki said that nothing that she is on is finalized without her approval and the conspiracy theories are “tired”.

When Mina SayWhat spoke to Cardi B she argeed that Migos had facilitated the collab. They both clearly knew they were on the song before it was released. There is no issue here folks!



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