Video: Taylor Swift’s New Video For “End Game” Has No Signs Of Katy Perry

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Even since this song released we could not wait for the video! Taylor Swift‘s “End Game” featuring Ed Sheeran and Future is infectious and has garnered 6 million views almost in 15 hours since releasing yesterday! It’s currently trending #1. After a picture of the video set surfaced last month featuring a back up dancer that looked a lot like Katy Perry, fans speculated that Katy might be making an appearance in this video – ending the frenemy feud between the two. We’ll that didn’t happen! No Katy Perry in sight.  🙁  Ever since the two stopped being friends they have both made music that sounds that they are talking about each other. Katy dated John Mayer (after Taylor did) and things got really bad when Katy hired three dancers that were already on tour with Taylor! Apparently the three dancers had previously been on tour with Katy and considered her “family.” Still shady. Then Taylor released “Bad Blood.” The video featured two women superheroes fighting bad guys together, before Taylor’s character gets killed by her partner after she turns on her. Hmmmm. Katy responded with “Swish Swish” and the rest is music history. Fans hoped for a reconciliation with this video. Keep holding your breathe! We still love the song and Taylor though! Katy too! Watch the “End Game” video below which feature Future and a shot taking Ed Sheeran.



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