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Interview: Mina SayWhat with Melanie Fiona (Full Audio)

Got am email from you-tube saying they pulled down my Melanie Fiona interview clip because her label, UMG, cited it was “copyright infringement.”   That’s an interview i did for a professional radio company (SIRIUS XM), therefore i believe it is within my right to post a clip from it, however it is what it is!  They might not want that free ...

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Mixtape Review: Chris Brown “Boy In Detention”

Chris Brown put out a mixtape in early August titled, “Boy In Detention,” and I’ve been meaning to write up on it. Creatively Breezy is doing more of some thing we’ve been seeing a lot from him lately, rapping, and leaving the singing to others in some songs. Commercially Breezy’s niche is the r&b and (now) dance songs.  I believe he ...

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